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Heidiroo began in 2014 during a very confusing and overwhelming time for me. After I graduated with a BA in English, I  was working a part-time retail job while I applied and interviewed for a handful of full time office jobs.  I had no idea what I wanted to do. I wasn’t painting as much during this time but I created greeting cards for friends and family. Soon I decided to open an etsy shop. From there I began doing greeting cards and custom portraits. Once I found an office job I paid less attention to my etsy shop and noticed that it was affecting me.

In 2016 I began working in an office with a very difficult environment where I experienced bullying. This is the where I was diagnosed with anxiety and panic attacks. I was deeply depressed and began to visit a therapist to treat my anxiety and panic attacks. I remember telling her how much I missed having more time to draw and running my shop. I used art to help me get through the tough moments. Soon after that I began to dedicate time to draw after work. I drew every night between the hours of 8 to 9pm and began posting them on social media. With the help of very supportive family and friends, I began to heal. That fall season I decided I was going to go all in with no plan b. I was going to go for it and see if I could make a living off my art. Fast forward to today, 2019, and I am happily illustrating my favorite things about life and doing it full time from the comfort of my cozy home and a furry cat named Peanut. Yay art!

Meet the Team



Peanut is the assistant here at Heidiroo. She makes sure every order goes out extra cute and makes it on time to your house. She also handles customer service. Peanut runs her own business empire which she does not publicly disclose. When she’s not working, she is sending alien signals out to space or munching on catnip treats.


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